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Solutions Tailored to Retail Industry

Old-Fashioned Retail Management


Today’s retail landscape is changing rapidly and dramatically, new technologies and new ways to connect with consumers are transforming the retail sector.
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People Counting

People Counting

Managing huge crowd’s data has always been a bother, but people counting system has made it a cinch. Using data to make better decisions to optimize your store’s operating efficiency now!

People Counting

Heat Map

Heat Map

In-Store heat maps for retail are a valuable tool to understand our customers behavior of in our stores.
Get to know your customers better now!

Heat Map

Queue Management System

queue management
Crowded queue lines put a mental fence for the shoppers decreasing their shopping motivation.
Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to long queues?
Queue Management

Electronic Shelf Label System

Still using printed paper label as your price tag?
Our electronic shelf labels enhance customers' digital shopping experience as well as improve pricing and promotion management.
Electronic Shelf Label

POS Integration

Customer disputes and cashier fraud frequently occur at the checkout counter.
HD CCTV video, audio, and POS overlay can identify problems and provide evidence of wrongdoing.
POS Integration

VIP Recognition Solution

VIP customer analysis
Providing the best customer experience is one of the most important aspects of retail industry. Retailers are turning to technology to improve the level of service rendered to their VIP customers.
Get ready to recognize your VIP customers and boost the sale now?
VIP Recognition

VR Shopping Tour

Give your customers a new shopping experience and increase your reach with 3D virtual reality solution. Create an immersive and effective virtual store – complete with integrated product details and links to buy.
Be open 24/7 with 3D virtual shopping!
VR Shopping

Get Your Business Success!

Get Your Business Success!
Implementing retail solutions can facilitate streamlined customer experiences while amplifying profits.
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Accurately counting traffic that enters your store or facility empowers organizations to make smarter business decisions. SPIKE offers a full range of people counting system that helps organizations collect foot traffic information.
People counting system provides accurate and reliable data, which enables your retail business to analyze customer traffic, make informed marketing, data-driven decisions, and increase revenues.
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Heat map analytic system can track every shopper in the scene and creates summaries of their activities such as passersby, where they stopped and how much time they spent.
With the help of heat map reports, the retailers can easily identify best and worst performing areas of the store and check if the store visuals and shelves are getting attention. Heat map system provides right and in-time data for retail optimization tasks including marketing, pricing and store layout.
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Queue management is about understanding when and how many customers queue up at checkout. In-time and accurate notifications on queuing levels is the key success factor when implementing a queue management solution.
Our system ensures the store employees will be informed and warned about extreme queuing events.
Minimize the time your customers spend waiting in line at checkouts to increase customer satisfaction and boost sales.
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Point of Sale (POS) integration is uploading of transaction data to the video management system through the POS and encoding it with the video stream.
Video and corresponding POS information can be shown simultaneously in both live and playback mode. The system also supports text search to find bills and their associated video recordings.

Transaction records and surveillance videos can provide valuable information to reduce disputes and prevents cashier fraud at checkout
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With electronic shelf label system, there’s no more printing hundreds or even thousands of new tags each week, you can change prices across an entire store easily from now on. The store receives all the relevant price changes electronically and updates the prices displayed to shoppers immediately.

Retailers are able to reduce the labor costs of pricing management, improve the accuracy of pricing displayed and dynamically configure price.
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VIP customers are enormously valuable to commercial entities, but service staff cannot always identify them immediately. Intelligent facial recognition cameras can provide unique opportunities that were previously unavailable.

Facial recognition technology will send notifications to remind retailers about welcome preparations and identify VIP customers. Therefore, staff can provide the right kind of service at the right time. It creates new possibilities to optimize your next marketing program and build stronger, more profitable relationship with customers.
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